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Crimes Against and Alleged By Police Incidents of alleged police misconduct and criminal acts towards Police

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Originally Posted by BevAnn View Post
I'm so tired of this - he feels isolated for his race.

YOU are RESPONSIBLE for YOUR own feelings asshole. Not me, not anyone else in this world. YOU. I can't control your feelings. YOU do.

I live in a nice neighborhood. Lots of money. I make good money, but I don't act like I do, I'm not snobby or showy, etc. Well, my 22 yo son was home the other day, and we have snotty neighbors and he got pissed at one - long story short, he went on a rant about how everyone there looks down on us and they all treat us like we are poor, etc. HAd himself a little pity party.

I'm like Avery - NO ONE can make you feel any certain way. THEY may think they are richer than us, or better than us, or have better things than us...but that's THEIR beliefs, not mine. I talk to them, I smile and wave, I don't care what THEY think...I know the truth about myself and that's all that matters.

I'm sick of everyone blaming everyone else for their dumbass mistakes.
he is a narcissistic fool- he only cares how he feels ( poor me) and doesn't give a fig that he shot an innocent woman in cold blood because he apparently panicked-
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:: Lurking

He did not panic. There is no justification for his actions, and the fact that he refuses to be interviewed by investigators tells me everything. Deliberate act, there is NO way around it. NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN HIRED. I hope other departments take heed. Giving a Muslim a gun and a badge is accessory to murder, they do not conform or respect our laws AND THEY NEVER WILL. I don't care if you want to call me a bigot or whatever, I know I am not the minority in this opinion. He's a killer, period.
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